The Seventh String

Transcendental Indie Folk

The acoustic folk collaboration of Katie Stellar (guitar, vocals, banjo, doumbek, washboard) and Laura Benson (fiddle, vocals, guitar, banjo).



With stars in her eyes (and a guitar in hand), Katie "Stellar" Dutcher can usually be found uplifting, inspiring and encouraging those who cross her path to step more radically into creating the world they want to see. A lifelong musician, she is a certified facilitator of Authentic Relating Games, Social Artistry, and Storybridge workshops. A poet, songwriter, activist, and dreamer, she awakens others to the light and love inside themselves, through sharing and shining her own. Stellar lives on the road, traveling all over the United States to bring music, art, inspiration and activation to those devoting themselves to a new, different, better kind of world. You can follow her on Instagram & Facebook, and support her on Patreon.


Laura Benson has been onstage since childhood. She's an avid fiddle player and singer, and has lived and traveled throughout Europe with her fiddle on her back. Always in search of a good jam, through music she has found her perfect means to connect with others, and exchange culture and experience. She has been known to show up (unannounced) at pubs to play until the wee-hours of the morning. She currently lives in the Bay Area, where she works for Patreon (supporting other independent artists), sings in traffic, and plays her part in the region's thriving traditional & folk communities. You can follow her on Instagram & Facebook, and support her on Patreon.



Firefly is a community builder at heart, walking in many worlds as a guitarist, singer, and group song-leader. With her acoustic guitar and voice she offers a fresh synthesis of original compositions,  spoken word poetry, and unique covers of classics. She has been exploring sound her entire life, from training in classical clarinet to self-taught guitar, contemporary folk music, devotional chanting, jazz, and rock.

Based in the San Francisco Bay Area of California, Firefly is nearing a decade of experience with performing and leading group music at retreats, conferences, and workshops all across the United States. She has also been active in spearheading a variety of leadership-based events and organizational initiatives with networks of changemakers and heart-based entrepreneurs. You can follow her on Instagram & Facebook, and support her on Patreon.