K. Stellar Dutcher

How many times must we all do this to see

That every god we imagine is yearning for us to be free

Well I do believe in who we are becoming

Let’s grow the wings to fly and gather the stars in the sky

Darlin’, it seems to me that the trouble actually

Begins in the parts of ourselves we hide and then don’t seek

But look at the leaves on this beautiful oak tree

Somehow she’s not afraid to shed what lets her breathe

And darlin’, if I might be the one to say this time

We’re born even when we die

So we might as well all try

To make something bright

Out of what we find in the night

So when my leaves do fall and my body goes to sleep

Remember it’s just the way I save my energy

I’ll be back in the spring, ready to bloom and sing

And make some shade with the ones who find

Their gods of love in everything

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