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A love letter to planet Earth, The Seventh String's studio debut is a showcase of modern singer-songwriting, traditional music, and earthy a cappella ballads. Featuring four new songs from writing duo Stellar and Laura, haunting tunes from 1600s Scotland and 1800s America, and new takes of early band favorites, "Off to Starboard" defies a single genre and demonstrates the trio's broad capacity to make music that lifts the human heart. 

Off to Starboard is now live on all major digital platforms! 



K. Stellar Dutcher: vocals, guitar, washboard, broken banjo, bodhrán

Laura Benson: vocals, violin, guitar

Firefly Walter: vocals, guitar

Freejay MacLoud: recording, production, engineering, bass, percussion

David Morcom: double djembe

Court Hoang: vocals, bass

Ed McClary: drums, additional recording

Joel Harrison: electric guitar

Jordan Myska Allen: bass

Daniel Erik: additional recording

Hussam Awadalla, Ali Akbar: artwork

Piper Payne of Neato Mastering, Oakland CA: mastering

Affordable Sound, Austin TX: 

CD production


to our families, friends, and all who have believed in us thus far. Many thanks particularly to our Kickstarter backers and Patreon supporters, who backed the creation of this album and have supported our music for years. This project is yours as much as ours. Finally, we bow to Planet Earth and the great creative Spirit of the universe, who moves in us and whose reflection we humbly attempt to transmit in all we do.